About the Content

The Blog

The blog tackles a lot of different things. I wanted it to display different writing styles and different ways of connecting with my audience and informing. One of the most interesting posts was written around a photo that I remixed. It is called Blood in the Water: Attica & America after a book that won the Nobel Prize for History this year. Also on the blog home page are menu links to learn about Milt the Great and learn more about what inspired the creation of Mari-X outside of the assignment. I wanted to display the interactivity of blogging and the open forum the interweb on the net can create. The blog site has a few other interesting menu items including a table of contents that explains most of the last 16 posts.

The Multimodal Project

Black Power to Black Lives Matter is designed to be a brief digital book into the black experience in America. I used muted colors to accentuate and highlight the motion and action in the video and to draw attention to the quotes used throughout the text.

The Author

Who is Mari-X? gives a clear look into the ethos behind my writing. I wanted it to be clear that this space was a bout the remediation of American history from the black perspective. Although my blog has a lot of writing variety, this piece displays the voice that is most appealing to my audience.