History, Facebook, & Digital Media: A Beginning

I am going to use very few of my own words to display why historical perspective is sorely lacking from the American psyche.

Instead I am going to analyze digital media and comments made about that media on Facebook.

Utilizing the words of a variety of Black thinkers, I hope to demonstrate that there is a dire need for a thorough decolonization of American education. By introducing diversity in the study of our social interactions, we can bring to light the inhumanity in our public conscious and begin teaching our children to move in a truly moral way.

I will also be writing a brief rhetorical analysis of each piece of digital media that elicits these responses from commenters including but not limited to: Fox, BET, CNN, TVone.

Let’s lay back, relax, and see what we can uncover about the nature of America through the people (or computer algorithms) that comment on social media posts.


        —- Mari X —-


If your interested:

Here are some demographics on social media users from the Pew Institute & Advertising Age.  According to Pew, 86% of Americans are currently internet users.

Facebook remains the most popular social media site. It uses a variety of digital media created by users, companies, and the media and allows for open discussion about that media. Therefore, FB will be a key part of this analysis series.


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