About Me

Call me Mari-X.

I was born in Atlanta, GA in the late 80s. I started reading young. When I was 6 years old I read The Diary of Anne Frank and had my first life changing moment. I asked my mother and my aunt why? They replied with a book called Mississippi Burning… “Its not just the Jews,” my mom told me. “Its US too.”

I began to consume books at a rate that used to embarrass me. I stayed up late at night to read. I read through classes, trips, holidays, deployments. As a matter of fact reading is the only consistent thing in my life. Everything else is always in flux.

I grabbed a degree in History from the University of GA before embarking on the journey of my life. I proudly served 4 years in the United States Army.

It was during my travels that I realized something was terribly wrong in America.

In Poland they knew all of Tupac’s lyrics. They rapped Biggie and begged me to introduce them to Lebron.


In Romania they scrambled to talk to me. To hear my voice. The Danish wanted to know how I could serve a country that killed my people. The German woman at Auschwitz made sure that I knew the Holocaust could only be compared in atrocity to the enslavement of my people.

She said my people.

My people.

Mari-X was born the day my mother explained that black people have been enduring for centuries just because they were black.

She came to maturity on that rainy afternoon in Eastern Germany.

Anything for my people.