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Dear devoted or imaginary readership:

Keep in mind that the majority of the philosophers, thinkers, sociologists, and journalists that I reference throughout my blog posts are PROLIFIC publishers with EXTENSIVE portfolios that range from Aristotle’s robust essays, books, and dialogs –> Marx’s over 50 books of material –>  months of footage and recording and thousands of pages written by and about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The brevity of my posts means that I usually tackle very basic elements of broad issues or elements in these works with an attempt to reframe the way we consider more modern elements of culture like 2Chainz, India.Arie, popular TV shows, and even Nas lyrics .

If you are looking for more traditional academic writing, style, or pace then check out my series on The Founders that is on this blog but not listed below in the table of contents.

We might not be able to stop the constant streams of media that are clouding our experiences but maybe we can think about them differently. This is not an academic attempt. Just something to restructure conversations, philosophical even, because isn’t that the stuff real revolutions are made of anyway?

With that being said: #LetsBuild

Aristotle & India Arie — March 28: Comparing “Back to the Middle” by Arie with Niomachean Ethics Book 2 by Aristotle.

India & Aristotle

Power & the Amoralist: Part 1 — March 23: Defining amoralism according to Bernard Williams using the main characters of the Starz show, Power.

Ghost & Bernard Williams

The Founders: It’s Lonely at the Top — March 13

The Founders: The Cost of Freedom Continued — March 11

The Founders: The Cost of Freedom — March 9

DuBois, 2Chainz, & the ATL — March 8: Comparing the values concerning materialism that DuBois was concerned with in the early 20th century in Atlanta and comparing them with Atlanta rap artist 2 Chainz.

Martin Luther King Jr. & Discussing Protest — March 6: Using Facebook to point out fallacies in the way we are taught to engage in civic discourse and understand civic responsibility.

History, Facebook, and Digital Media: A Beginning — March 6: Laying the ground work for posts like the MLK Jr. & Protest post that will examine the way we interact on important issues in public forums like social media an particularly Facebook.

The Founders: On Literacy & Liberation — March 1

The Founders: Douglass is the Mofo Answer — February 19

The Founders: Stewart’s Call to Manhood — February 18

Blood in the Water: Attica & America — February 14: Reviewing the lives of the men that died in the Attica rebellion using the lyrics of Nas’ song “If I Ruled the World”.

A Letter to Black Folks — February 13: An attempt to generalize the conception of black as a race in America. An introduction to extensive future writings on blackness and unity.

The Founders: Their Texts — February 8

The Founders: Fredrick Douglass & Maria Stewart — February 7: This series is devoted to storytelling and rethinking the way we narrate history. I will talk about Freddy D and Maria Stewart through out this blogging experiment.

Who is Mari-X? — February 1: A brief blog post on who I am and what I am doing in this space!


Please feel free to hit me up with ANY and ALL questions and concerns.

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