Never Forget Where You Came From

Even if it was the worst of the worst or the best of the best, the environment you was raised in and the people whom were around most helped mold you into the person that you are today. Whether it was in a good way or a bad way, they helped you learn to make decisions on your own. Some people made their way from the trenches, while some came out the womb with a silver spoon in their mouths, however, that doesn’t make any person better than the next person.

We all go through things in life and sometimes we have to go through the same experience multiple times before we finally get the point. Of course we meet new people on our way to our final destination but most times it’s the people that has been there every since we can remember who we can always depend on (loyalty and consistency). Never forget where you came from because where you came from helped you get to where you’re going.

Remain humble and loyal because what goes around comes around. So when people do you wrong, you don’t have to go out of your way to get revenge because they’re going to get what’s coming for them regardless. Never get up too high on your high horse because the same way you got there can be the same way you get knocked off.

Don’t Handicap Me!

Why try to teach me something when you haven’t let me try to learn it on my own? If it’s not life threatening why not let me learn how to live on my own? Stop handicapping me! My life isn’t yours to live and you making decisions for me after I’m old enough to make them for myself only makes me more dependent on you- the goal is to be as independent as possible.

The world is too cold and harsh for me to be put in a situation where you’re not around to help me when I need you most! I know you made your share of mistakes coming up- but they made you who you are. Why can’t I make my own mistakes and become the person I was created to be? Thank you for building the foundation for me but its up to me to finish the building.

You can tell me things over and over again but I’m still going to find out the way I want to find out. I know its hard to watch me mess up but just be there to help me up when I fall- that way I can take care of you when I make it to the top. I’ll never make it though if you continue to baby me and not let me live, don’t handicap me!

We all go through trials and tribulations in life but what makes a person stronger and separates them from the rest is the way that they go about bouncing back after life attempts to knock them down. A strong individual can never be permanently knocked down because the will power inside of them won’t allow them to stay down. You’re not helping me by picking me up, that’s only handicapping me.

What helps me is you allowing me to get up on my own, gradually helping me IF assistance is needed. So before you handicap your child, significant other, or just anyone for that fact… let them try on their own before you’re so quick to give a helping hand. Don’t handicap me!

Do You Really Want To Be Like Someone Else?

I’ve heard many of times coming up that “I want to be like such & such when I grow up,” but do you really want to be like that individual? Are you aware of the trials and tribulations that person went through to get to the point that they’re at? Often times things look good on the surface or after the fact but you have no idea some of the sacrifices people make to get to where they want to be in life.

Everyone is their own person, some people are built to go through things that most wouldn’t think about and then you have those who don’t even think about things before they’re out to try it. There are all different types of people with all different types of mindsets! So again I ask are you sure you want to be like someone else or do you want to be the best version of yourself? There’s nothing wrong with looking up to someone or molding yourself to be in the same position as someone else but there’s weakness in wanting to be exactly like someone else.

Why try to live someone else’s life when you have your own life to live? Why try to make decisions like someone else when you have your own to make? So you’d rather base your life entirely off of someone else’s rather than your own? We were all created differently for a reason, we all have our own unique set of traits and characteristics. No two people are the same, identical twins may be nursed in the same sack but upon birth they come out separately. Why not maximize success within your own characteristics and traits instead of trying to mold your entire life to be like someone else? It’s so much easier to adapt within yourself than tearing yourself down and rebuilding to become someone that you’re not. I was once that person that wanted to be like someone else & I thought I was willing to do anything to be like that person but one day it hit me… the energy I’ve wasted trying to be like someone else I could spend perfecting my craft.

I made this my profile picture on Facebook on February 8, 2009.

Nobody will ever be able to say they want to mold themselves to be like me if I’ve spent my time trying to be like someone else- they might as well say they want to be like the person I was trying to be like. As bad as it sounds, these days it’s harder to be yourself than anyone else & that’s backwards. Everyone wants to be in the limelight, a superstar, on the front page of a magazine… what about staying out of the limelight and owning the magazine? Everyone wants to be a homerun but in order to hit a homerun you must first know the fundamentals of swinging a bat, it’s the same with life.

What’s the point of acquiring a massive amount of fame or fortune if you don’t know what to do with it when you get it? What’s the point of swinging a bat if you’re not hitting a homerun? That’s where I want to challenge people to think differently… hitting a homerun isn’t always the best thing. Sometimes a sacrifice fly or even a bunt can get the job done just as good as a homerun and you don’t even get to get on base. Ironic huh? Sometimes in life you can make the worse decision in your life, yet it be the single most best learning experience that you have throughout the entirety of your life. So again I ask, do you really want to be like someone else or do you want to be the best version of yourself?


“Guys think they want a me then get a me and realize it’s too much pressure.”

Some good things can come from the right amount of pressure upon the right circumstances. It’s quite a phenomenon that happens once every blue moon. High pressure is what causes diamonds to be created. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I think it’s ironic that pressure is what created the diamond. The thing about the creation of a diamond is that it’s a process, everything must happen in a certain kind of way for the process to evolve. Trusting the process can most times be the hardest thing to do in life, but if the pressure of trusting the process reward you with diamonds would the process be worth trusting? It’s crazy how elements buried deep into the darkness of the earth can appear on surface and be one of the shiniest.

All the diamond needs is that one opportunity to shine but most people who have the opportunity to capture it don’t begin to know the worth. It would be a waste of time if most individuals found it anyways because they wouldn’t know what to do with it. That’s the pressure a lot of people aren’t equipped to deal with, but then there are those who are. There are those who know the diamond’s worth but never get the chance to express it. If given that one opportunity to meet with someone as bright as a diamond I think of how the pressure would be, then I think of some of the things that I could do to make you shine even more.

So when you finally meet the guy equipped enough to handle the pressure, will you shine bright like a diamond or fold under pressure? If it’s the right amount of pressure you’ll make his blood circulate throughout his body. If you get the heart then thoughts of you circulate within the blood of his body- due to pressure.

That’s rare DNA, possibly one of a kind… a beautiful black diamond discovered out the darkness and a brother with enough heart to go find her. In this dark, cruel world, I know that diamonds still exist- I just have to be able to handle the pressure. So what’s too much pressure if your pressure makes diamonds?

R.I.P. to R.I.P.

It’s so cliché nowadays to hear someone say R.I.P. to whomever or Long Live whomever- that’s sad more than it is anything. We hear it so often that it’s almost second nature to us now, just as well as it is to make a t-shirt in memory of them. I’m not talking about people who die of natural causes, I’m speaking on the people who didn’t deserve to die, the one’s who got their lives taken too soon by a coward who wasn’t even man enough to “shoot the one” with hands instead of shooting the one with a gun.

I loved the legendary scene Ice Cube had in Friday when Pops persuaded Craig to put the gun down and fight like a man, that movie was shot in 1995- yet here it is 22 years later and that scene seems oh so prevalent. Deebo and Craig both got the best of each other, however, they both lived to see another day- nowadays it’s almost guaranteed that someone is going to suffer great bodily harm besides knuckling it up and duking it out.

I hate to see my people resort to deadly force when most issues can be settled with just talking it out like adults are supposed to do, or if it really comes down to it- just knuckling it up & may the best fighter win. We have children basically out here carrying weapons and they don’t know the first thing about how to hold the weapon, how to clean the weapon, and most of all the consequences that can come behind some of the actions of carrying a firearm. They don’t know until it’s too late and the judge is basically telling them that they’ll spend the remainder of their life caged up like an animal.

It’s then when they want to ask for forgiveness or act like they have some kind of remorse- well after the fact that it’s too late. I’m sure we all know people whose lives have been taken out of their hands before they even got a chance to live it… all because some coward wasn’t man enough to address them like a man! I’m tired of seeing my own kind being laid to rest because of senseless non-sense that’s nowhere near worth it! How can people be so selfish and take someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s husband, someone’s friend, etc.? It seems like everyday it’s someone somewhere losing their life over senseless non-sense… we’re talking about people’s lives here people! If that doesn’t stir something up in you, I don’t know what will! R.I.P. to R.I.P.

Welcome to Team Mari-X!


I am honored to have you on the squad. I look forward to watching your growth on this platform!

This is also my disclaimer! I might not agree with or support everything you say or do (for example, any misogyny) but I think that your perspective should be heard so we can start important convos in our community.

Basically, I’m asking you to do what probably comes naturally to you… Just be great cuzzo.

With Love, Peace, & all the Blessings…