Do You Really Want To Be Like Someone Else?

I’ve heard many of times coming up that “I want to be like such & such when I grow up,” but do you really want to be like that individual? Are you aware of the trials and tribulations that person went through to get to the point that they’re at? Often times things look good on the surface or after the fact but you have no idea some of the sacrifices people make to get to where they want to be in life.

Everyone is their own person, some people are built to go through things that most wouldn’t think about and then you have those who don’t even think about things before they’re out to try it. There are all different types of people with all different types of mindsets! So again I ask are you sure you want to be like someone else or do you want to be the best version of yourself? There’s nothing wrong with looking up to someone or molding yourself to be in the same position as someone else but there’s weakness in wanting to be exactly like someone else.

Why try to live someone else’s life when you have your own life to live? Why try to make decisions like someone else when you have your own to make? So you’d rather base your life entirely off of someone else’s rather than your own? We were all created differently for a reason, we all have our own unique set of traits and characteristics. No two people are the same, identical twins may be nursed in the same sack but upon birth they come out separately. Why not maximize success within your own characteristics and traits instead of trying to mold your entire life to be like someone else? It’s so much easier to adapt within yourself than tearing yourself down and rebuilding to become someone that you’re not. I was once that person that wanted to be like someone else & I thought I was willing to do anything to be like that person but one day it hit me… the energy I’ve wasted trying to be like someone else I could spend perfecting my craft.

I made this my profile picture on Facebook on February 8, 2009.

Nobody will ever be able to say they want to mold themselves to be like me if I’ve spent my time trying to be like someone else- they might as well say they want to be like the person I was trying to be like. As bad as it sounds, these days it’s harder to be yourself than anyone else & that’s backwards. Everyone wants to be in the limelight, a superstar, on the front page of a magazine… what about staying out of the limelight and owning the magazine? Everyone wants to be a homerun but in order to hit a homerun you must first know the fundamentals of swinging a bat, it’s the same with life.

What’s the point of acquiring a massive amount of fame or fortune if you don’t know what to do with it when you get it? What’s the point of swinging a bat if you’re not hitting a homerun? That’s where I want to challenge people to think differently… hitting a homerun isn’t always the best thing. Sometimes a sacrifice fly or even a bunt can get the job done just as good as a homerun and you don’t even get to get on base. Ironic huh? Sometimes in life you can make the worse decision in your life, yet it be the single most best learning experience that you have throughout the entirety of your life. So again I ask, do you really want to be like someone else or do you want to be the best version of yourself?

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