Don’t Handicap Me!

Why try to teach me something when you haven’t let me try to learn it on my own? If it’s not life threatening why not let me learn how to live on my own? Stop handicapping me! My life isn’t yours to live and you making decisions for me after I’m old enough to make them for myself only makes me more dependent on you- the goal is to be as independent as possible.

The world is too cold and harsh for me to be put in a situation where you’re not around to help me when I need you most! I know you made your share of mistakes coming up- but they made you who you are. Why can’t I make my own mistakes and become the person I was created to be? Thank you for building the foundation for me but its up to me to finish the building.

You can tell me things over and over again but I’m still going to find out the way I want to find out. I know its hard to watch me mess up but just be there to help me up when I fall- that way I can take care of you when I make it to the top. I’ll never make it though if you continue to baby me and not let me live, don’t handicap me!

We all go through trials and tribulations in life but what makes a person stronger and separates them from the rest is the way that they go about bouncing back after life attempts to knock them down. A strong individual can never be permanently knocked down because the will power inside of them won’t allow them to stay down. You’re not helping me by picking me up, that’s only handicapping me.

What helps me is you allowing me to get up on my own, gradually helping me IF assistance is needed. So before you handicap your child, significant other, or just anyone for that fact… let them try on their own before you’re so quick to give a helping hand. Don’t handicap me!

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