“Guys think they want a me then get a me and realize it’s too much pressure.”

Some good things can come from the right amount of pressure upon the right circumstances. It’s quite a phenomenon that happens once every blue moon. High pressure is what causes diamonds to be created. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I think it’s ironic that pressure is what created the diamond. The thing about the creation of a diamond is that it’s a process, everything must happen in a certain kind of way for the process to evolve. Trusting the process can most times be the hardest thing to do in life, but if the pressure of trusting the process reward you with diamonds would the process be worth trusting? It’s crazy how elements buried deep into the darkness of the earth can appear on surface and be one of the shiniest.

All the diamond needs is that one opportunity to shine but most people who have the opportunity to capture it don’t begin to know the worth. It would be a waste of time if most individuals found it anyways because they wouldn’t know what to do with it. That’s the pressure a lot of people aren’t equipped to deal with, but then there are those who are. There are those who know the diamond’s worth but never get the chance to express it. If given that one opportunity to meet with someone as bright as a diamond I think of how the pressure would be, then I think of some of the things that I could do to make you shine even more.

So when you finally meet the guy equipped enough to handle the pressure, will you shine bright like a diamond or fold under pressure? If it’s the right amount of pressure you’ll make his blood circulate throughout his body. If you get the heart then thoughts of you circulate within the blood of his body- due to pressure.

That’s rare DNA, possibly one of a kind… a beautiful black diamond discovered out the darkness and a brother with enough heart to go find her. In this dark, cruel world, I know that diamonds still exist- I just have to be able to handle the pressure. So what’s too much pressure if your pressure makes diamonds?

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